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The Pros and Cons of Today’s College Funding

Again and again, Jude Offiah is asked repeatedly about what are the best strategies for paying for college for clients’ kids or directly from the students themselves. Traditionally, the answer has been a tried-and-true mix of taking advantage of financial aid first, then leveraging interest-subsidized student loans as they are far cheaper than regular financing, […]

Jude Offiah Explains The Critical Need For Disability Insurance For Income Protection

Jude shares how Financial services can be achieved through Disability Income protection Insurance Plan. Jude Offiah, recommends Disability Income protection to his clients Financial Security. In case of Accident or illness that prevent him or her from going to work. Most financial services plans include a full range of savings, investments, and insurances. Life insurance provides financial […]

Jude Offiah Helping Clients with Individual Retirement Planning

Balancing Investment Portfolios for Comfortable Retirements Jude Offiah is advising clients on how to optimize their retirement leveraging deferred tax retirement accounts, social security planning and insurance among other financial tools. His experience and insight are changing the complexion of individuals’ retirements. Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs and 401Ks are excellent tools for saving for retirement. Given […]