Jude Offiah

Jude Offiah Explains The Critical Need For Disability Insurance For Income Protection

Jude shares how Financial services can be achieved through Disability Income protection Insurance Plan.

Jude Offiah, recommends Disability Income protection to his clients Financial Security. In case of Accident or illness that prevent him or her from going to work. Most financial services plans include a full range of savings, investments, and insurances. Life insurance provides financial security for family members and dependents after someone passes away. It’s much more common for a person to be injured in some way that prevents them from working and earning the same income as prior to their injury. Jude Offiah recommends disability provides for his client’s financial security and income protection in case they are injured and unable to work.

Jude Offiah explains to clients that disability insurance is critical for every financial security plan because it’s very common for adults to get injured or become unable to perform their jobs. The potential for lost income is a high financial risk, so Jude Offiah offers plans and services to mitigate this risk.

Short term disability insurance plans and long term disability insurance plans offer income protection and financial security. Jude Offiah customizes the right combination of both types of insurance for his clients. Short term disability insurance applies to instances when a person can’t work for less than 3-6 months. Long term disability insurance takes effect for periods longer than 6 months.

Most individuals don’t have enough savings to cover the potential loss of income from an accident or illness in the long term. Jude Offiah shares multiple options for disability insurance at all price points. The low monthly cost of disability insurance is well worth the investment your financial security through income protection.

Disability insurance plans vary in cost depending on a few factors. Jude Offiah shared how plans cost more depending on your income and different health factors. In general, disability insurance plans will pay out the same amount of money as your salary so you can maintain the same standard of living even if you are injured or become ill and can’t maintain your current job.

Jude Offiah is an experienced financial services advisor that started his career in the field in 1991. He believes in providing a high level of service to his clients to help people reach their financial goals. His clients achieve financial security through a customized strategy utilizing specific products and services. Jude Offiah graduated from Central State University with a BS in Finance and an associates degree in accounting while studying in the U.S.S.R at the Minsk School of Finance and Economics. He’s earned many financial certifications to stay current in his field and shares his expertise through writing and speaking for financial organizations.

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