Jude Offiah
Jude Offiah

Jude Offiah: Why Financial Planning is So Important in a Covid-19 World

Jude Offiah has been in financial planning for 29 years. He provides a high level of financial planning services for his customers. Jude Offiah takes great pride in helping people reach their financial goals.

Jude Offiah is the owner of Woodmen Financial Resources, LLC. He has a highly trained staff of professionals. Jude Offiah also has a satisfaction guarantee if you’re not satisfied there is no cost for the financial plan that was created.

Covid-19 is a global pandemic that the world has been dealing with for nine long months. Jude Offiah has assisted several people with financial planning during the pandemic. What some people fail to realize is how important financial planning is during this turbulent time.

Jude Offiah offers general advice to his customers on money matters. Many people are unemployed due to the lockdowns that started in March in New York City, not only did people lose their jobs, businesses lost their business, they were forced to close their doors permanently because even with the small business assistance they were given it was not enough. This has happened all over the United States and the world. Jude Offiah knows unemployment is at an all-time high, food pantries don’t have enough food and supplies for everyone, and worst of all we have now entered an even larger Covid-19 crisis on a scale no one could have imagined.

Jude Offiah believes what people need is money management skills. Jude Offiah also realizes it’s difficult to manage something you do not have. However, with unemployment and savings, you may be able to get by that’s why financial planning is so important during the pandemic.

The first thing you need to do is find out about your mortgage or rent make sure your house is not going to be foreclosed on or you’re not going to be evicted. Jude Offiah recommends you pay only what you must pay. If you’re safe from losing your home, ad vehicles which most people in the United States at least are protected by the state and federal laws that have been put in place to protect the people.

Jude Offiah said even insurance companies, electric companies, cable companies, and credit card banks are also working in accordance with the laws. Therefore, you must buy food and personal item. The remainder of your money must be put into a savings account and left alone. Eventually, when the pandemic slows down or ends you will be responsible for all your bills again. No one can depend on getting another stimulus package because everything is so uncertain right now,

Jude Offiah believes by reading one of his books or his website you will find information on financial planning that you need to survive the coronavirus.

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