Jude Offiah

Jude Offiah Helping Clients with Individual Retirement Planning

Balancing Investment Portfolios for Comfortable Retirements

Jude Offiah is advising clients on how to optimize their retirement leveraging deferred tax retirement accounts, social security planning and insurance among other financial tools. His experience and insight are changing the complexion of individuals’ retirements.

Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs and 401Ks are excellent tools for saving for retirement. Given that many companies no longer offer pensions, using one of these savings accounts is critical for a comfortable retirement. Jude Offiah educates clients on investment vehicles and explains investment options such as life insurance, mutual funds and fixed or variable annuities, so clients can reach their individual or business goals.

Jude Offiah also explains social security benefits and the planning that plays an integral role for individuals during retirement. The amount retirees receive is contingent on factors such as age, income during one’s working years, and when retirees decide to start taking distributions. Jude Offiah works with clients to identify the optimal time to start taking distributions.

According to Jude Offiah, “I take a lot of pride in helping people reach their goals,” he says. “I feel my financial background is a great help to my clients.” Having an experienced guide during retirement planning can add peace-of-mind and the potential for better results. Having enough for retirement is an art that requires an understanding of the financial markets and the tools available to achieve goals. Jude Offiah helps clients understand the markets and select the right tools.

Jude Offiah advises individuals on insurance products that will help them during retirement. This includes umbrella insurance, long-term care insurance, term life insurance and permanent life insurance. Insulating one’s financial assets with insurance can make life easier, mitigate risk and provide peace-of-mind to individuals during their golden years.

Also important during retirement is the management, reduction or elimination of debt. This is important, because debt payments can reduce the quality of life for retirees and take away from trips and recreation. Jude Offiah offers advise on how to manage debt and reduce it to help optimize retirement plans.

Jude Offiah entered the financial services industry in 1991 after receiving his bachelor’s degree in finance from Central State University. Throughout the years, he’s obtained numerous financial certifications and has published articles on finance and investments. He works diligently to help clients achieve their objectives and make retirement as fun and comfortable as possible.

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